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Idaho National Laboratory

Hydrokinetic & Wave Technologies

Renewable energy technologies offer the promise of non-polluting alternatives to fossil and nuclear-fueled power plants to meet growing demand for electrical energy. Two emerging categories of renewable energy technologies, hydrokinetic and wave energy conversion devices, offer ways to tap the energy of moving water without impoundment (dams) or diversion required by many conventional hydroelectric facilities. These technologies include devices designed for deployment in natural streams, tidal estuaries, ocean currents, and constructed waterways, as well as devices designed to capture the energy of ocean waves.

On 26-28 October 2005, 54 representatives from government, non-governmental organizations, and private business met to:

Links to the Workshop Proceedings, which include detailed summaries of the presentations made and the discussions that followed, and to the full presentations made at the workshop are provided below.

Workshop Proceedings

Hydrokinetic & Wave Workshop Proceedings (1.0MB PDF)


Potential Impacts of Hydrokinetic and Wave Energy Conversion Technologies on Aquatic Environments (840KB PDF) April 2007

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