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Idaho National Laboratory

Advanced Turbine Systems

Current hydropower technology, while essentially emission-free, can have undesirable environmental effects, such as fish injury and mortality from passage through turbines, as well as detrimental changes in the quality (dissolved gases) of downstream water. Advanced hydropower turbine technology could minimize the adverse effects yet preserve the ability to generate electricity from an important renewable resource.

The goal of DOE's Advanced Hydropower Turbine System (AHTS) Program is to develop technology that will allow the nation to maximize the use of its hydropower resources while minimizing adverse environmental effects. Conceptual designs of environmentally friendly hydropower turbines have been completed under the DOE-industry program. Potential injury mechanisms caused by turbine passage have been identified. Research is being performed to understand the effects of these injury mechanisms on fish and to develop methods for reducing their severity.

Potential Benefits of Advanced Turbine Technology:

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